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    Department of Biostatistics
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    2525 West End Ave #1136
    Nashville, TN 37203, USA

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I am an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I obtained my PhD in Biostatistics in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics at the University of Pennsylvania under the mentorship of Taki Shinohara. My undergraduate degree is in cognitive neuroscience and I am particularly interested in applications in psychology and neuroimaging.

My current interest is in using estimating equations and multilevel modeling to perform neuroimaging cluster-extent inference that is robust to model misspecification. One of my longer term goals is to understand how data processing procedures contribute to the bias and variance of target parameters and to develop inference procedures that account for the effect of data processing. My thesis work developed multiple testing procedures for high-dimensional data with an unknown dependence structure. I try to produce work that develops theoretically justified methods and software that are directly applicable in another scientific field.

I love collaborative research and am interested in starting new projects. If you would like to work with me please email me!

If you are a student at Vanderbilt in Biostatistics or another department and would like to work with me please check out my projects page and email me.

For a complete listing of my publications please check out my Google Scholar Page.